"2 obras N1" ya esta en NY

Hola amigos,

Ya esta en las calles de New York el primer numero de "2 obras" (primer año).
Y disponible su versión digital, pedila a dosobrasny@gmail.com (english version).

Alexis Almeida es la editora NY y traductora responsable de llevar el proyecto a esta nueva ciudad. Le agradezco de corazón todo el trabajo y el esfuerzo desinteresado.
Creo apropiado inaugurar este gran paso de "2 obras" con sus palabras,

Ricardo Piglia writes, in his afterward to La Ciudad Ausente, "Language is a common property; in language there is no such thing as private property. We writers try to place marks to see if we can detain its flow. There is no private property in language; language is a circulation with a common flow." The moment I picked 2 Obras up in my favorite coffee place in Buenos Aires and realized it wasn't just another flyer for a hip Argentine band, I wanted to be a part of it. At the time I was living in Buenos Aires – it was a city formerly known to me only in books, and suddenly I found myself living in a language and a culture that was dizzying and effervescent and also seemed to evade me; as a modernizing city that was constantly advancing onward, it scurried by me, oblivious. It was hard to find places to pause. I think the most ingenious aspect of Veronica's project is how easily one can become part of the aforementioned flow of things, a flow that includes both language and its various conduits and sources, a flow that bridges the gulf that people will posit between prose and visual art, a flow that deflects the continuum of a reflexive urban restlessness and provides an alternative kind: one that invites an active connection to a borderless culture of language and images and the dialogue that they provoke. So here is 2 Obras in New York: we've started with the first version that was ever published, and we'll be distributing it here every month in its translation. Only this time, we're hoping that it will be translated into many other languages, from either the Spanish or the English. Please send us your translations and we will distribute them.


2 obras N5 segundo año, y la imagen color

Texto Nora Fragasso
Imagen Lautaro Yepes
2 Obras (archivos jpg) y la imagen color (jpg).
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